Paragon Fulfilment

Robust, efficient and secure multichannel fulfilment services that deliver the perfect customer experience
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What is Paragon Fulfilment?


Paragon Fulfilment

Paragon Fulfilment transforms our clients’ supply chains, upgrading them from an operational requirement into something that gives them an edge over their competitors.

We deliver fulfilment, logistics and supply chain solutions that are agile, easy to implement, and customisable to our clients’ specific requirements. They comprise a 24/7 service that conforms to all regulatory conditions, and you can take full advantage of our integration services to add Paragon Fulfilment to your existing workflows and business rules.

We pack and send over two million items per month, safely and securely, so your programme is in safe hands. And it’s all underpinned by a broad supplier network and our decades of industry expertise.



How does Paragon Fulfilment Work?

We have blended our experience in customer communications with the requirements of our clients, delivering agility, accuracy and timely solutions. Across fulfilment and logistics services, we provide a tailored approach that understands your operations and the challenges your business faces. Our unique blend of expertise and experience will help us guide you through the process from set-up to ongoing delivery.

We provide vital MI reporting, giving our clients the key data they need to inform their communications strategies across all channels, and Paragon Fulfilment also encompasses an integrated eCommerce platform that connects directly to our clients’ customers and branches, giving them the real-time information they need.

Our scalable fulfilment solution grows with your business and handles complexity simply and effectively, with specialist pick, pack and despatch, and both manual and automated enclosing processes.


Why choose Paragon Fulfilment?

We will align our operations with the needs of our clients, delivering agility, accuracy and timely solutions. Paragon Fulfilment provides everything your business needs in order to deliver an exceptional experience at every stage of the customer journey. It provides:

  • A choice of channels to your end customers, saving time and hassle thanks to an intuitive screen workflow.
  • Instant access to your order history and status, with MI reporting across online, phone and email channels.
  • Simple integration with other communication services, securely and at scale with full control over your user base.
  • Total flexibility that lets you meet the needs of your business
  • An end-to-end solution that improves efficiencies and frees up internal resource


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