Paragon Hybrid Mail

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Paragon Hybrid Mail

What is Paragon Hybrid Mail?


Paragon Hybrid Mail

Paragon Hybrid Mail offers multichannel document delivery that enables you to connect with your customers and staff via print, SMS, email or other digital channels. It's accessible wherever you are, at any time of the day, making it perfect for both office-based and remote workers.

Our Hybrid Mail solution delivers consistent savings on equipment, postage, printing and energy at the touch of a button.

Our solution also eliminates the time and resource costs associated with maintaining and stocking office-based printers for your outbound customer communications.


How does Paragon Hybrid Mail work?

Paragon Hybrid Mail is perfect for organisations or individual departments that need communicate with their customers via letters, statements, direct mail, or a wide range of other formats. Users create customer documents as usual, but at the point of print your staff simply select our print driver. Documents are then encrypted and sent to Paragon’s secure production centre.

Our system automatically adds a discrete barcode to allow each item to be tracked, and they can be sent to your customers via post or email.

The production centre takes the printed document and merges it with the electronic stationery and printable inserts your staff have selected. The document is then queued for printing, and then automatically folded and inserted into envelopes. Mail is sorted by destination postcode using the Royal Mail’s Mailmark technology, and consolidated to achieve postal discounts for your business.

Your items and then sent via the postal service, with undelivered items returned to us. We then provide full data cleansing to keep your databases up to date.


Why choose Paragon Hybrid Mail?

Our quick and efficient solution offers increased flexibility and greater control of outbound mail. With accelerated delivery times and reduced resource demands, Paragon Hybrid Mail is an exceptionally cost-effective way to deliver secure and fully traceable multichannel communications. Our market-leading scale, expertise and digital capabilities help to simplify the complexities of multichannel communication.

Paragon Hybrid Mail provides:

  • Improved employee productivity, better risk management and increased brand control
  • Reduced postage and printing costs
  • Lower wastage from stationery and consumables, including ink, paper and envelopes
  • Reduction of equipment and energy costs from office printers, inserters and franking machines, lowering your carbon footprint.
  • Production tracking, auditability and overall budget control


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