Creative Proof & Approval Solution

Review and approve digital assets in a single location collaboratively and efficiently
Creative Proof & Approval Solution


Paragon's Creative Proof & Approval Solution allows creative and marketing teams to review, comment, amend and approve digital assets getting them ready for use in your customer communications.

Upload digital content and assets into the Paragon's Creative Proof & Approval solution – images, logos, advertisements, brochures, customer communications and more – via internal and external creative teams. Progress your proof and approval using the standard out-of-the-box approval workflow or create a custom workflow bringing in relevant stakeholders and departments including sales, marketing, customer services, legal and compliance to approve the digital assets.

Paragon's Creative Proof & Approval solution provides a single platform to collaborate with your teams in a single or multiple locations to create assets on brand, on time, and on budget.

Project and Program Management Functionality

This extended functionality enables your organisation to carry out project and program management – create and manage project plans, oversee resource management and capacity planning, approve timesheets, and track and report on project progress.

Direct Link into Paragon's Digital Asset Management Solution

Once your digital content is approved, it can be saved as the latest version in your centralised digital asset management repository ready for use in your customer communication.

Your benefits

  • Increase employee efficiency
  • Remove pain points in proofing workflows
  • Easily get from first version to final output faster
  • Track changes and collaborate on edits with ease
  • Cut down on emails with in-system alerts
  • Achieve on-brand, on-time, on-budget delivery of projects

Key features

  • The system processes over 150 files types
  • Submit new briefs and requests
  • Track progress and collaborate on work and requests
  • View reports and dashboards
  • Mobile apps (iOS and Android)
  • Review and approve content
  • Compare asset versions side by side
  • Participate in projects and work
  • View dynamic, integrated calendars
  • Track time and submit timesheets
  • Create automated approval workflows
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