Digital Asset Management Solution

Create impactful customer communications by using the right digital assets quickly and collaboratively


Paragon's Digital Asset Management solution is designed for busy creative, branding, and marketing teams across all industries who need to organise, centralise, manage and share their digital content from a single repository within their organisation.

Paragon's Digital Asset Management solution is your brand's online repository for safekeeping all your digital content –graphics, images, audio, videos, customer communications and more – in a single centrally accessible location.

A single central location allows you to direct internal and external creative teams, including creative agencies, to store all content created for your organisation in a dedicated Digital Asset Management solution bringing its rights and visibility directly under your control.

The assets are versioned so single or multiple geographically dispersed teams working to create multichannel transactional or marketing communications can use the latest version of the digital asset. This saves significant time in finding the right asset increasing productivity and giving you speed to market.

Direct Link to Creative Proof & Approval

Paragon's Digital Asset Management solution offers direct integration with our Creative Proof & Approval solution acting as a network drive to pick up assets to create new proof and approval briefs, or save the final assets that have been approved via the Creative Proof & Approval solution into the Digital Asset Management system. These solutions are robust, industry leading and work seamlessly with one another – giving your organisation a complete digital asset approval and management solution.

Your Benefits

  • Create one central location for all your digital assets
  • Ensure users always have the latest and authorised version of an asset
  • Provide access for all relevant internal and external teams
  • Know exactly where your files are being used
  • Reduce costs by avoiding repeated asset creation
  • No more silos, no more file duplication
  • Simplify data protection and disaster recovery

Key Features

  • Access controls/permissions
  • Centralised management and easy organisation
  • 24/7 access whenever you need it
  • Store and share 100+ formats
  • Resize and reformat content on the fly
  • Create branded hubs for your teams and clients
  • Controllable/flexible security for your digital assets
  • MI reporting at scale
  • Extensive APIs for third party integration
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