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Carbon-Balanced Statement Booklet for Legal & General

Carbon-Balanced Statement Booklet for Legal & General

What our client wanted

Legal & General Investment Management’s marketing team approached Paragon Customer Communications with a challenge. They wanted to review the idea of using recycled paper for their printed communications. Every year they send an annual retail statement booklet to their unit trust and open-ended investment company (OEIC) customers, and this product was a perfect candidate to develop a more environmentally friendly communication piece – one which still delivered the messages our client needed to communicate.

What we gave them

Our experts got to work, and quickly established a plan to deliver against our client’s expectations while still meeting their strict deadline. By using carbon neutral offsetting for existing paper stocks, we would still be able to deliver our client’s project in line with their ESG goals. And by measuring and offsetting the emissions from the production of the paper stock, we avoided the need to print test the quality and reduced emissions in the L&G statement supply chain. We managed this emissions offsetting on behalf of our client, utilising our extensive network of best-in-class suppliers and industry experts.

What was the impact

As a result of using carbon neutral paper, we despatched more than 226,000 personalised stitched booklets to L&G retail investors, each with certification and informative wording to engage investors about this offset initiative. By using carbon-balanced paper for this L&G annual booklet mailing, L&G offset emissions the equivalent to 12,320kg of carbon dioxide. This supports and enables the World Land Trust to protect 8,624m2 of critically threatened tropical forest under imminent threat of deforestation and degradation.

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