Transforming outcomes for the pensions industry and its members 

The pensions industry continues to experience unprecedented change in a climate of uncertainty. One of these drivers of rapid change are the emerging technologies that will allow members to better manage their pensions, through integrated  and automated communication channels.  

However, adopting new technologies also brings new challenges. Within a heavily regulated industry, legalities and governance can create barriers and slow down the speed of innovation, and re-platforming legacy core systems is also costly and complex. Most importantly, despite its capabilities, providers cannot invest in technology alone.  

Striking a balance between technical and human capabilities allows for the design of user-orientated and ‘best in class’ communications, underpinned by rich data and machine learning technology. This makes it both an exciting and challenging time for the pensions industry and its members. The landscape of emerging, disruptive technologies is set against a widening generational spread, and it is forcing the sector to innovate not only the experience it delivers for its members, but also how it communicates with them.  


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