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How the retail sector is re-joining up the dots to paint the bigger picture

Increasingly, retail providers are beginning to re-join the dots that make up their marketing communications picture, allowing them to reap a range of benefits that come from a consolidated single supplier.

For retail businesses, speaking to their customers effectively is hugely important. Whether a business wants to reach more people, promote a new product, or increase customer loyalty, the channels and messaging they choose to employ can have a big impact on results and, ultimately, the company’s bottom line.

By working with a single supplier, a retail provider can maximise the value they can squeeze out of each channel, reaching customers and prospects via the channels or devices they prefer, all while saving themselves time and money.

For some businesses, their product brochure is a hugely important sales tool. For one of our clients, a UK-based trade and hardware supplier, when a new product goes into their catalogue, supported by targeted direct marketing campaigns across physical and digital channels, it will generally result in 40% sales increase against the product line. Therefore, reaching a prospective customer with the right message at the right time, via a communications platform that is likely to generate engagement, has the dual benefit of increasing sales and ensuring customers receive the message they want to receive.

With a supplier that is committed to innovation, with expertise in both physical and digital communications, a retail business can also benefit by joined up campaigns that make the most of a company’s customer data.

Paragon can deliver a hybrid of print and digital, managing physical campaigns via direct mail and door drops that also connect with digital messaging delivered through a company’s app or website. The way in which a potential customer responds to a piece of physical or digital mail can be tracked and monitored, with each action they take recorded by the business and used to inform future campaigns. This gives the business a powerful insight into their customer base and enables them to target their messaging more effectively each time a marketing campaign is delivered. This ultimately reduces the amount of money and resource that is devoted to reaching customers with messaging or delivery methods that aren’t going to be effective.

Another benefit of using a single supplier that is often overlooked is the ability to deliver consistent messaging and brand. Franchised businesses or individual dealerships using separate suppliers for each branch can quickly stray from a company’s brand guidelines, providing an inconsistent message and experience across each location. For a retail business which operates hundreds of locations across multiple territories or countries, a single supplier can ensure that each piece of communication – whether a letterhead, product brochure or sales catalogue – enforces a company’s brand and delivers a good experience for the customer every single time.


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Lee Stevenson
Lee Stevenson
Strategic Development & Customer Engagement Manager