Customers want consistently constructive communication

Rachel Bradbury, Head of client relationship shares her thoughts.
Customers want consistently constructive communication
In a world where customers have a wealth of choice and therefore command all the power, it’s on brands to effectively communicate their worth and value.While big data and analytics allow brands to know their target audience better than ever, many waste the opportunity – resorting to shouting the loudest over smart communications which resonate with the majority.

Those brands risk getting lost in the noise. Being consistent and helpful is what you should be aiming for in your communications if you want to cut through the noise efficiently. But many brands just aren’t set up to achieve this for any number of reasons – perhaps there’s a lack of coordination between departments that stops you from obtaining that single view of truth you need to speak to customers in a more nuanced and personalised way, or maybe technology is a blocker, either in choosing the right approach or legacy systems not capturing the whole customer view

Whatever it is that’s holding your business back from achieving helpful and consistent communications, the first step is to assess the maturity level of your current efforts. Only then can you start to carve out a path to marketing-leading communication delivery. We can help you plot your journey – but let’s first look at why getting to a place of consistent and helpful customer communication is such a desirable destination for a brand.

Building trust into the relationship

Choice is a good thing. But it’s often overwhelming for customers who find themselves hamstrung not knowing which product or service to opt for.

Gartner research shows that 44% of customers worry they’ve missed a better option every time they make a purchase. To mitigate this feeling of uncertainty, Gartner urges brands to be more understanding to their customers’ situation, repositioning themselves as something akin to a well-informed advisor — helping customers to understand their options, make a purchase, give them confidence and reassure their decision.

It’s about transforming the relationship from transactional to the trustworthy, with messages focused on helping the customer accomplish something – Gartner research shows this increases the predicted impact of the commercial benefit index (e.g., brand intent, purchase, repurchase and increased cart size) by nearly 20%.

Gartner suggests that it’s this empowerment of the customer which will strengthen their relationship with your brand – straining to say the right thing by the customer will only have negligible benefits. 

“Suppliers and brands win the battle for long-term customer loyalty not so much by changing the way customers perceive their company, but by materially impacting the way that customers perceive themselves,” explains Brent Adamson, vice president at Gartner.

Gaining awareness through consistency

To get to a place where customers listen to what you tell them, however, you need to have proven to them that you have an authoritative voice that demands their attention.

A single interaction is unlikely to see your brand register on their radar. Awareness is a process. It might take them seeing you in their field of vision 15 times before a prospect starts to recognise you as a voice, as a brand.

Even then you will have to help them join the dots so that they register your brand as the one that is helping them to make the right purchasing decision.

Brand consistency helps put you back in context so people are more likely to remember you. It’s not a magic trick or a rule invented by brand strategists – it’s how the human brain remembers things.

Branding is not just about using your logo on everything and sticking to the same fonts and colours. Your brand message must be consistent too.

The idea is that you want people to recognise you not only from your visuals but the words you use and the way you use them. Your words are what ultimately determines whether people feel they can put their trust in you.

However, brand consistency can often prove easier said than done. In Gartner’s Brand Strategy and Innovation Survey 2019, 29% of marketers said they struggle to integrate brand effectively into all communications. To put that into context, the top-ranked challenge was ‘managing a global brand’ cited by 35% of respondents.

In the report, Gartner made a recommendation for brands to find the “right balance between maintaining brand consistency while also being responsive and adaptive to individual market needs”. But how exactly can this be achieved?

Centralising customer communications

With Paragon’s One Platform, you can give your customers exactly what they need, when they need it, exactly how they want it, thanks to a centralised system that puts you in charge of the customer journey.

Gain complete control over your brand and create an experience that exceeds customer expectations.

You can choose the service that best suits your customer communications maturity model – the aim being to help your brand refine its customer journey and deliver highly personalised, data-driven, consistent communication across all channels.

Rachel Bradbury


Rachel Bradbury
Head of CCB Client Relationship and Development


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