Ensuring you choose the right partner to yield maximum value

Operating your own print room is an expensive business. When you line up the invoices for printer hire, maintenance, consumables and franking, you can’t help but think there must be a better way of doing things. And there is of course: outsourcing. But that would mean handing over control to an external agency which might not uphold the same standards as you currently do.

However, there are too many reasons not to try and find an outsource partner who cares as much about your print and mailing output as you do. As well as the reduced operating costs, there are plenty of other benefits to be found from outsourcing your print, including increased capacity and improved responsiveness.

You’re right to have your guard up and take your time to find a print partner that’s on the same page as you. To help you make the right decision, we’ve come up with 12 actions you’ll need to take – or delegate – to ensure outsourcing delivers the desired outcomes.

Here at Paragon, we use 30 years of experience in the print world to help you make good decisions, right from the start. Outsourcing has some great benefits, but it needs thought. No two companies are the same. No two print rooms. No two mailings. And that’s why, even though we’ve been through this process countless times before, we’ll never forget this might be your first time.

Why not judge us by our own 12-step guide? Input a few details to download our eBook: ‘How to make outsourcing your print room a success’.


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