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Conversion of employee documents to secure electronic delivery for Veolia in Germany


Environmental Services Case Study

What our client wanted

Our client, Veolia Umweltservice, needed to modernise how personal documents were delivered to their employees. Previously, physical copies of documents like payslips and other official correspondence were sent physically, but our client wanted to digitise the delivery and enable their employees to view their documents via an online portal. They needed to seamlessly switch from physical to digital delivery with minimal disruption to their existing systems.  Above all, Veolia wanted to offer its employees a secure platform with end-to-end encryption while generating savings for the business.


What we gave them

We worked closely with our client and created a project plan which took into account the range of Individual parameters and processes within Veolia’s existing systems. We delivered our smartPayroll solution, and provided each employee with a personalised registration code that gave them access to a secure portal. Employees are then able to identify their preferred channel for delivery for each type of document. Control and delivery of the documents is then automated by Veolia via smartPayroll. Wage and salary documents stored and saved in the portal are encrypted, and only the relevant Veolia employee can decrypt and view these documents as and when they are needed. With the help of our smartPayroll solution, Veolia was able to easily switch to a process which ensured the secure electronic delivery of their key documents.


What was the impact

By using our smartPayroll solution our client was able to save on postage, as well as processing costs both externally and internally, all while securely delivering the documents their employees needed. The solution also enabled our client’s HR staff to focus on activities that would have a bigger impact on the business’ performance, whereas previously they spent considerable time and internal resource on physically creating and distributing documents and correspondence to their staff. On top of this, we have also helped our client to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining the same level of service.



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