Introducing...David Stow

David Stow

David Stow has recently joined PCC in our Sales Enablement Team, where he’ll be working as a Hybrid Mail consultant. With 17 years in the industry under David's belt at the tender age of 36, it’s safe to say he knows his stuff. David lives in Harlow in Essex with his wife and three children. You can read our interview with him below.


What did you know about us before you joined the company? 

I knew Paragon from working in the industry – I’ve always been impressed by how the company operated and always had a good relationship with the Paragon people I worked with. 

Very glad to hear that! So why are you excited to be joining us?  

I get the feeling that PCC are on the right path, and there’s a real hunger to be successful. It’s also great to be able to see real-world stories, like the lateral flow COVID test kits we’re fulfilling across the UK, and be able to say to my friends that I’m a part of that.  

Everyone I’ve met so far has got that same drive and motivation, and they all want to be part of it tooI’ve already picked up on an attitude in the people I’ve met of “no messing around, let's get sh*t done”, you know? 

We know. And what do you think you’ll be bringing to the business? (I know this sounds like a job interview question, but we promise you’ve already got the job) 

Client experience and engagement responses are a big focus for me – after all, our clients are the people who pay the bills. I’ve got a lot of experience building partnerships. If we’re not getting that part right, there’s something fundamentally wrong.  

In previous roles I’ve always made sure our clients knew what the next steps were after a meeting, and what I’ll be doing next to solve their problems and make things better. It’s annoying coming out a meeting with nobody knowing what’s going to happen next. It feels like a waste of everyone’s time.  

Congratulations, you’ve got the job! 


Anyway, onto the important questions. What did you have for your tea last night?  

It wasn’t a great one to be honest. I had a microwaved ready meal lasagne. It was alright, but nothing special. 

That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Do you have a favourite word? 


Ok. And your least favourite? 

Babe. Being from Essex I hear it all the time and it grates on me. Babe babe babe babe babe 

Thanks babe. And how have you got on during lockdown? 

My wife and I had our third child during lockdown – a baby girl – so although some parts of that can be stressful, working from home has given me so much more time to spend with her than I would get normally. It’s been great. I’ve also been planning to turn my shed into an office, but have quickly come to realise the limitations of my DIY skills. 

One other thing – I’m running the London Marathon next year, raising money for Children With Cancer UK, so it’d be great if you could plug my fundraising page. 

We don’t see why not! If you’d like to donate to David’s fundraising target and help him reach his aim of £3,000, you can do so here. 

Getting back onto the topic of food. Do you have a favourite sandwich? 

Peanut butter and jelly 

Oh dear. Favourite holiday destination? 

Jamaica. We originally booked a holiday there, but it turned out to be a wedding destination instead. I’d already proposed at Disneyland, and had this holiday to Jamaica booked in advance. We were keen to get married straight away, so I called the travel agents and got it booked inWe actually applied to go on the TV show Don't Tell The Bride, but they wouldn’t let me have a Batman-themed wedding because someone had already done that. So we went to Jamaica, got married and broadcast it live on Facebook live for everyone back home.  

Fantastic. Finally, do you have a favourite piece of advice or a quote that’s important to you? 

Kindness costs nothing.