Introducing...Laura May

Laura May

Laura has recently joined the PCC UK marketing team, where she’ll be working as a Marketing Executive. We sat down with her to talk about how she’s getting on, the terrors of Cornish seagulls, and her boring taste in sandwiches.


So Laura, what’s your job and what do you do?

I’m a Marketing Executive and, though I’m only a few days in, I’ll be working in the central marketing team, supporting campaigns for PCC and the wider teams. That’s going to involve content creation – making content that will engage our audience and increase brand awareness.

Lovely stuff. What’s your background?

It’s a bit varied really – I started by doing a marketing degree at Bristol Uni, then went into a client-side marketing role as an assistant. Then I worked for an advertising agency where I was a junior planner, doing strategy type stuff. I’ve also freelanced as a marketer, most recently as a social media coordinator in the manufacturing sector. I’ve done B2B, B2C, client side and agency side, so a bit of everything really. I like the creative side of marketing – but I also do quite like the admin, being organised, organising work and coordinating campaigns, getting jobs ticked off your To Do list. I like updating things and getting everything organised! I’m not like that in my personal life - having to organise events and remember birthdays, I’m a bit more relaxed with that and go with the flow.

I think you’re going to fit right in! What are your first impressions?

All good! Everyone’s been really lovely and approachable, easy to talk to, not scary or hierarchical. I get the impression it’s quite a collaborative culture, where you’re encouraged to share ideas and work together. Everyone’s in it together. Also, a little bit entrepreneurial. One other thing - it’s very big! There are so many different parts to the business that I wasn’t aware of before I started.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m starting with some social posts and learning the ropes, populating some social content that will go out across our various channels. I’m looking forward to making useful, informative content that helps our teams speak to clients, so they can make the right decision and they’re fully informed about what we can offer.

Nice one! Now, you live in Devon and we have a few Cornishmen in our department, and I’d like to create a bit of needle if that’s ok. Why is Devon so much better than Cornwall?

I went to Newquay once and I didn’t have a very nice time. I’ve never been back. It was on a Uni surf trip. Bude is nice and it’s near where I live, and that’s technically Cornwall, but I don’t see it that way.

Seagulls are also nicer in Devon. Once when I was there, one literally took some pizza out my hand as I was putting it in my mouth. I felt violated. They’ll take food off little kids, gathering around you as you eat. They have no shame.

That’s exactly the kinds of needle I was hoping for, thank you. What’s the correct way to do a scone?

That’s a controversial one. Devon and Cornwall are different. One is cream first, but to be honest I’m not sure what the correct way is. I’m more of a savoury person. I like a bit of chocolate but cakes, all that kind of stuff - no. I prefer a block of cheese.

Well I’ve just got back from a holiday in Devon, and I can confirm that the Devonian (and obviously correct) way is to go cream then jam. I saw several cars with bumper stickers of the Devon flag with “Cream On First” emblazoned across it, so it’s obviously important to a lot of people. Anyway, enough about me but sticking with my favourite subject, what did you have for tea last night?

I’ve started doing those Gousto meals where they deliver it all – I got sick of having to think of what to cook, and last night it was chilli con carne and sweet potato fries, with a bit of cheese. It makes it so much easier than thinking of what to do, especially during lockdown. It’s all measured out and quite quick, and it makes you try things you might not think of doing. I like cooking and try to eat healthily. My sister’s partner won’t eat vegetables – he’s an actual grownup and won’t touch them.

Funnily enough, you’re the second person I’ve interviewed who’s had Gousto chilli con carne for tea. I think we should approach them to sponsor this feature. Moving on…what superpower would you choose if you could have one?

Oooh superpower. Hmmm. I think I’d like to be able to teleport to places – I love travel and visiting different countries. I’m a bit travel obsessed, so I’d like to go everywhere really quickly. I find flying really boring and long, so that would be really helpful.

I’ll see what I can do. Which celebrity would you least like to be stuck in a lift with?

I’ll say Donald Trump for various reasons or, y’know, a serial killer. I have to admit I am a bit of a murder fan. Literally every night before bed I watch true crime or murder documentaries. That sounds a bit twisted, but I find them quite relaxing! They’re easy to watch and good to zone out to.

*Slight pause as I think of what to say in response to that*…Do you have a favourite serial killer?

I like the ones that are really twisted. The worse they are, the more I’m fascinated by them. There’s a true crime podcast called The Toy Box that I really like. The British ones are a bit boring. America’s got the really weird ones. In fact, my partner got me a serial killer Top Trumps for my birthday.

That’s…interesting. Do you have a favourite word or one that you really can’t stand?

By this point, I hate the word “Covid”. It’s stopped me getting married several times now. We’ve finally been able to book it, and I’m due to get married on the 3rd September, which will be the 4th attempt. We’re now just hanging on the Prime Minister’s words to see if it’ll have to be rearranged again.

Well, best of luck with that. Who’s your hero?

I’m a big fan of David Attenborough. He can’t do anything wrong in my mind. Problem is, there’s no one good to take his place. Chris Packham’s not a patch on him. I do quite like Steve Backshall’s shows where he canoes down a river and that kind of stuff, and he’s not too bad to look at either.

Excellent choice. Do you have a favourite biscuit?

Biscuits are too dry for me, sorry. I hate anything dry. I can’t think of anything worse than eating a sponge cake. If the biscuit in question is a triple chocolate chip cookie, I might be ok, but I generally avoid them.

That’s ok, we’re not here to judge. Do you have any irrational fears?

I really don’t like tomato ketchup and baked beans. I find them repulsive. I couldn’t touch a bowl that has had baked beans in there. Also, I think I’ve developed a slight fear of seagulls since ‘the attack’.

Ketchup and beans might be weirder than the whole serial killer thing. But I’ve got a friend who can’t be in the same room as custard – she finds it terrifying – so each to their own I guess. Do you have a favourite sandwich?

I like really boring sandwiches. Almost what you’d give a little kid. That horrible cheap wafer-thin ham, with loads of butter. As outlandish as I’d get with a sandwich would be chicken with a bit of lettuce.

Ok that’s crossed a line in my book – I think we should end it there. Thanks Laura!