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Major Cruise Line Case Study

What our client wanted

Our client, a major international cruise line offering luxury cruises around the world, wanted to increase the innovation and personalisation of their passenger travel itinerary booklets, making them the first cruise to do so. These books consist of useful information relating to their trip, as well as pre-booked and optional excursions so that each passenger has a unique experience. With this booklet, each passenger’s journey begins even before boarding.

What we gave them

We brought our production expertise to the project, and designed fully personalised notebooks and vouchers, packaged in a leather pouch. Each pack contains a personalized notebook and vouchers (plane tickets, transfers, excursions and activities, etc.), showing the cruise and the stops chosen by the passenger. To this we added identification labels and luggage tags so that each passenger can prepare for their trip knowing everything they need is contained within this one pack. The packs are then sent to each passenger, wherever they are in the world. 

What was the impact

Our client’s passengers now had a travel pack which was both functional and exciting, improving the passenger experience while solving a challenge for our client. To further improve the functionality of the packs, additional optional boxes are now being added: end-of-year gifts, club memberships, promotional boxes, and birthday boxes, including personalised documents and goodies. We now support our client to create these brilliant experiences, as well as the design of their travel diaries, for the nine cruises that depart weekly. 

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