You’ve got the tech, what about the transformation? 


For most asset and wealth management firms, sales and interactions have traditionally happened face to face. One unexpected consequence of COVID is that these firms are now more reliant on their tech stacks, and they have been forced to answer the question of how to harness digital for streamlined processes. And while many asset and wealth managers have embraced digital and use it to transform ways of working and interactions with customers, the hang-up is how they integrate the new technologies, which is often an afterthought. With the New Normal now here, is it high time for asset and wealth management firms to focus back on the customer experience and digitising their offering?


In this episode Amy Creeden Is joined by;

  • Andy Farmer // Executive strategy director @ ORM
  • Sean Burrel // SVP of Business Development & Alliances @ DCX

Watch the full episode below:


The New Normal Ep3 // You’ve got the tech, what about the transformation?



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