Paragon Sounds Podcast Episode 2

The building blocks of your customer experience (it’s not a secret!) with Neil Clayton from ORM

Digital Customer Experience

In episode #2 of Paragon Sounds, we are joined by  Neil Clayton who is the Head of Sales and Marketing at ORM. 

In this episode  Neil and John discuss some of the key factors and examples of how companies today adapt themselves to customer demands are surviving and thriving in the digital world.

Plus Neil, will be showcasing some of ORM success stories on how they have helped companies invest in product innovation.

About our guests

Neil Clayton, Head of Sales & Marketing for ORM. Responsible for helping to continually grow the agency. 

ORM is a digital agency developing products and platforms that help our clients to grow, scale and change with the speed and efficiency they need. 

2019 has been a landmark year for ORM. They have celebrated their 20th year in September. Jumped 21 places to 54th in the Econsultancy top 100 UK digital agencies. 


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