Parkhouse takes ‘old’ St Mungo’s campaign off ice to increase awareness as temperatures fall

Parkhouse takes ‘old’ St Mungo’s campaign off ice

Marketing agency Parkhouse dusted off an old campaign appeal for leading homelessness charity St Mungo’s to help raise awareness (and funds) during the recent cold snap.

The ‘Cold Facts’ emergency appeal was originally created in 2019 as a back-up activity when long range weather forecasts predicted another ‘Beast From The East’. However, ‘Beast 2’ never arrived and the project went onto the back burner.

It remained on ice until earlier this month when the temperatures dropped as low as -8 overnight on the streets of London.

The campaign aims to help raise vital funds to support people experiencing homelessness and get them off the streets before it’s too late.

The cold weather is extremely dangerous. If someone’s core body temperature drops below 35 degrees, hypothermia sets in. And after two hours, a person’s heart can stop.

Basically, cold kills.

Until the temperature started to plummet, a new lockdown campaign which highlighted the plight of people experiencing homelessness by focusing on the key message of that you can’t stay at home if you don’t have one, was scheduled to run.

This was postponed for a week until the temperature started to rise again. And that wasn’t all that rose.

Following the cold weather activity, St Mungo’s saw over 2,000 new visitors to its website with a 14% conversion rate.

With an average donation of more than £46 (with an ask of £25), we reached an overall ROI of a heartwarming 1.7 to 1.

Working in partnership with MintTwist, the media planning and buying focused on Facebook.

Hayley Creasey, Campaign Manager at St Mungo’s, is delighted with the results: “We know how powerfully the cold weather message resonates with the public when it’s freezing. So we had the campaign up our sleeves ready to go.”

The campaign ran for a week in February and once the temperature became milder, the original lockdown campaign was rolled out successfully as planned.

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Parkhouse takes ‘old’ St Mungo’s campaign off ice
Parkhouse takes ‘old’ St Mungo’s campaign off ice