UK Local, General and European Elections

Faultless election printing and mailing


Elections Case Study

What our client wanted

The UK’s local, European, and general elections, held in May and December respectively, demanded a seamless delivery of both postal and non-postal voting materials. Working with our specialist elections division (DSI), and directly with our clients, we needed to meet every milestone with an error free process. The elections required the print and mailing of 13 million Poll Cards and 17 million ballot papers over the space of 3 weeks.
In an extraordinary year that featured three major elections, our clients needed a partner who could ramp up their production capabilities and react quickly to changing circumstances, with minimal risk, 100% accuracy and regulatory compliance.

What we gave them

We built an automated application to process the data and build each personalised document ready for proofing and quality checking. We also established a dedicated cross-functional project team, from director level down to individual operators, with its own dedicated quality assurance team.
We instigated specific quality control processes which ensured complete integrity and security across client services, data development, operations, and production. Our Quality Team executed specific QC processes for each specific campaign, and we were able to use the same dedicated team for each individual data stream.
Using intelligent printing and fulfilment techniques we employed leading-edge manufacturing technology to meet the strict deadlines required.


What was the impact

Normally, the set up to prepare for an election would be between three and six months, but we set up and implemented our operation in six weeks, with 100% SLA adherence.
Paragon’s solution delivered rigour within a complex process that featured both high volumes and high variability, as well as the need for process and data integrity from end to end. We also provided full individual reconciliation and full reporting back to our clients.
Paragon’s extensive experience delivered reliable results for all our clients, making this vital process stress free for all involved. We are ideally positioned to support future elections using our experience and technology, ensuring that the UK and Europe's electoral processes are delivered faultlessly.


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