UK Utilities Supplier

Customer communications solution for UK utilities supplier thanks to Paragon's One Platform



Customer Communications Solution for UK Utilities Supplier

What our client wanted

Our client, a UK gas and electricity utilities supplier with around 200,000 customers, needed a solution that would help with their inbound development and customer communication letter suite. Their in-house marketing team needed to be able to make alterations and changes to their customer letter templates without going through a convoluted development process, for which our client would need to assign resource to make the requested changes. This in turn took valuable time and money and slowed down how quickly they could respond, both to their customers as well as to changes in regulation or compliance. On top of this, a large and varied array of letter templates reduced our client’s flexibility and innovation, and also resulted in a lack of brand control and consistency.


What we gave them

We listened to their challenges and deployed a project team with key resource assigned throughout, from requirements gathering to delivery. They held daily project calls and monthly face-to-face meetings, and trained our client’s teams on how to operate our One Platform solution. We created a range of print, SMS and email master templates, which we manage on their behalf and lock to ensure brand control and consistency. We receive the customer data, input it into the templates with 100% accuracy and create the outbound PDF, which is securely archived back to their internal CRM and sent to customers via their preferred channel. If an email doesn’t reach the customer, our system automatically 'bounces' to print, ensuring our client’s communications always reach their target.


What was the impact

Our solution has dramatically reduced the time it took our client to communicate with their customers and respond to changes in regulation and compliance. More of their staff can now make changes to letter templates without affecting the live environment, and they can innovate quickly thanks to One Platform’s flexibility. New time-sensitive communications are created in minutes, solving a key challenge, and we have given them a robust, user-friendly, and flexible solution that helps to deliver a brilliant experience for their customers. Its flexibility also ensures that they can make changes quickly and simply without the requirement of extensive in-house development, saving themselves both time and money while ensuring communications are secure, impactful, and delivered via the channels their customers prefer.


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