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Vodafone Case Study
Vodafone Case Study

What our client wanted

Over the last decade, we have helped a diverse range of clients develop and shape their visions and bring them to market, giving us a unique understanding of how brilliant ideas become brilliant products. In recognition of this, Vodafone asked us to create a strategy for the future of their customer engagement. The first step was to create a customer service chatbot for our client’s digital experience using a Conversational User Interface (UI), with the aim of supporting brand strategy, improving efficiency and reducing costs across the board.


Vodafone Case Study

What we gave them

Through our ideation and discovery process, we created a unique Conversational UI prototype to test with Vodafone users. We created sets of users based on targeted profiles. We then set up a unique testing environment to test each set’s interactions with the UI. This provided valuable feedback on their experience using the prototype. We also tested the UI with each user, recording their interactions using multiple video and audio feeds to maximise the data available to us.


Vodafone Case Study

What was the impact

As a direct result of the project, Vodafone received a 30% uplift in their Net Promoter Score (NPS), the all-important gauge of the loyalty of a company’s customer relationships. The feedback on the product was excellent, especially when compared to Vodafone’s existing site’s user experience. We are now introducing Conversational UI to existing journeys, and in the longer term we have been able to create a vision of how we can revolutionise the way brands communicate with their customers across their business.



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