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Pan-European mailing and print solution for leading financial services company


Wex Europe Case Study

What our client wanted

Our client needed a service provider that could service and support its document printing and fulfilment requirements for its International Fuel Card System. This included processing data files and generating documentation for subsequent onward dispatch to their clients, including invoices, Credit notes, Dunning Letters, and Overdue letters with an estimated volume of 5 million documents per year, and anticipated growth of 20% year on year. Extensive knowledge, understanding and capability was needed.


What we gave them

We implemented a billing solution that provides data services, customer services, IT, operations and specialist support as required. The service collects data in several languages and processes it through the data management system, before it is output in colour and mailed to the individual countries. Invoices are processed through file-based technology that enables us to guarantee 100% of items are mailed correctly. Our solution includes a full end-to-end service from data receipt through to international postage.


What was the impact

We enabled WEX Europe Services to reduce costs and provide a full European service, based in the UK, with flexibility to respond to fluctuating volumes within each country where needed. Paragon provided the expertise, experience and technical capabilities to successfully manage the implementation process and identify the individual requirements across each specific country. Moving forward, Paragon will develop the solution further to include distribution and print in the individual countries across Europe, as well as multichannel communications.


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