Paragon Email

An industry leading email solution for delivering marketing and transactional communications, powered by IBM Watson
Paragon Email


Paragon Email is an enterprise class email management solution that allows you to build, manage and broadcast simple or highly personalised email communications. Paragon Email ensures that the email looks great on all devices and the communication will reach the recipient at the time that they’re most likely to open.

Paragon Email is offered as a fully managed service. We have a highly skilled team of email experts, planners, developers and consultants who can work with you to convert your data into timely, relevant and highly effective email campaigns to realise your customer engagement objectives while achieving above industry response rates and results.


Key Features:

  • Best in class marketing and transactional email capabilities
  • Email creation and testing; multichannel campaign automation
  • High deliverability, robust scalability, send time optimisation,
  • Flexible templating, and real time personalisation
  • Customer journey orchestration and journey analytics
  • Campaign recommendations with upsell/cross-sell offers
  • Watson AI capabilities, predictive insights and data triggers
  • Sophisticated customer segmentation, predictive customer
  • Intelligence, and customer experience analytics
  • Integrates with web, social, mobile, and offline channels
  • Lead nurturing, lead scoring, landing pages and CRM integration
  • Powerful reports to aid in campaign and offer management

Your Benefits:

  • All-in-one marketing solution integrating email marketing, lead management, marketing automation, IBM Watson AI, multi-channel workflows, and analytics in one reliable and scalable platform
  • Multichannel campaign management capabilities including behavioural based triggers and external data triggers (such as WeatherFX)
  • Enterprise level techniques such as Send Time Optimisation to deliver the right communication to the right person, via the right channel at the right time
  • Built-in tools for render and deliverability testing ensuring your campaigns are optimised for the recipient devices
  • Manage digital campaign delivery (email, web, SMS and social) through a single platform with integrations to your deployment methods
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