Inbound services powered by our INTEGR8 platform

Our agile digital mailroom and document scanning services provide mail and document management solutions for the digital age – transforming how your business operates. Our communication experts help you convert manual processes into a digital hybrid solution – giving you the control, speed and security you need while maximising your budgets.

Working with different levels of maturity

Whether you are digitising paper documents, optimising existing processes or making an enterprise-level transition to a full solution, 
we know what it takes to transform your inbound processes to provide faster value to critical business processes and customer experience 


Providing speed, control, and service

Our inbound services, powered by the INTEGR8 platform, reduce reliance on internal staff even when there is a spike in inbound mail.
They also enhance handling efficiencies, giving you the control, speed, accuracy, security and compliance you need while maximising your budgets. What’s more, by benefitting from reduced processing costs and intelligence-driven decision making, your organisation can provide a vastly improved experience for your employees and customers


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