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At Paragon, we’re experts at providing end-to-end customer communications solutions to our clients.

We know that the key to great customer communications lies in a strong base of digital technologies and the best use of customer data. However, for reasons ranging from data silos to limited analytics, many companies can’t yet make the best use of the data they already have.

We’ve created Persona Pix to pose the question: how well do you really know your customers? You’ll meet characters of all ages and backgrounds, from Five Phone Felix to Analogue Anne, each designed to challenge what you think you know about your customer base.

Play Persona Pix and start thinking differently about the demographics, personalities, interests and circumstances that can influence communication preferences.

If you’ve already played and want to learn more, get in touch to find out how we can help you better define, understand, and segment your customer base.

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Why Persona Pix?

Companies have access to more data than ever, however thanks to data silos, limited analytics, and a host of other roadblocks, many can’t make full use of the data available to really understand their customers. The result? Communications that fall flat.

Persona Pix is designed to help you think differently about your customers, and the myriad demographic, personality, and lifestyle factors that can influence their communications preferences.

But why is the game set-up in the way that it is, and what can it really tell us about customer communications?


Scoring categories:

Each of the scoring categories is based around traits that have a real impact on customer communications preferences and the success or failure of different approaches and messaging: digital skills, loyalty, adaptiveness, engagement.

While there are of course many other factors that influence whether a piece of customer comms hits the mark, these form a key piece of the puzzle.



Each of the characters featured in the game is labelled as being from one of five broad generational groups: builders (born 1925-45), baby boomers (1946-1964), generation x (1965-79), millennials (1980-94), generation z (1995-2010), and generation alpha (2010-now). 

While you will notice broad trends scoring trends within the demographics (gen z and alpha are by far the most digitally literate), the Persona Pix characters have been created using real research into the consumer behaviours and trends within each group. That’s why for every Worried Walter in the ‘builders’ group (concerned he’s being left behind as services move online), you’ll find a Digital Doris.

To read more about our Persona Pix characters and the research that has gone into defining each of the generations featured, read our recent blog: Exploring the data behind the Persona Pix characters

Or, meet some of the characters featured in the game


How to apply the lessons of Persona Pix to your own communications strategy-Teaser

Exploring Data Behind Persona Pix Characters

Exploring the data behind the Persona Pix characters-Blog

Why do Persona Pix scoring categories matter?

Persona Pix - Teaser Image

How to apply Persona Pix to your own communication strategies?