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Transforming the customer experience across the complete customer journey

Our DCX agencies combine to simplify the challenges of managing multiple agency relationships. We bring data, creative, marketing execution  together to deliver a brilliant digital customer experience for our clients. Park House, ORM, Celerity and Despark together form the digital centre of Paragon Customer Communications. They accelerate our clients growth through a smarter use of data, creative technology and real time communications.

DCX delivers more understanding and value from customer data, helping clients make better marketing decisions. We enhance the customer experience, making it easier to do business. By using market leading technology we achieve greater marketing effectiveness for our clients.

We create stories that resonate and develop emotional connections between your brand and your customers through unique visual identities and creative solutions that build brand value and consistency.  

We help understand your audience, what their needs and motivations are and what pain points they experience. Driven by insights derived from qualitative and quantitative research and data, we make sense of the experience today and define how the future experience may be enhanced, uncovering opportunities for new communications, products, and service innovation.

Paragon Customer Communications
DCX Agencies


Park House

Park House focuses on the intersection between data and creative to design and deliver communications that truly connect brands with their audiences. Park House brings insight and imagination under one roof. Our teams of data and CRM experts, designers, writers and developers plan, create and deliver inspiring and effective communications at every stage of the customer journey – to connect and delight... and improve your bottom line.


Celerity uses market leading technology, including Adobe Marketing CloudSalesforce Marketing Cloud and Tealium, to deliver targeted, right-time, right-message marketing communications. We give our clients targeted messaging with controlled delivery, either via self-serve or as a managed service, monitoring and reporting on every stage of their campaigns and putting them in control of their communications.


ORM create digital products and platforms that enhance the customer experience, making it easier for our clients to do business. We create websites, portals and web apps, as well as multi-product programmes of initiatives, and work flexibly with clients from product definition through to release. 


Despark design, build and launch bespoke digital products which guide global change, helping our clients to innovate where it matters. Through data and analytics we discover the insights which optimise the performance of our client’s campaigns, delivering better user experience, SEO, and content.

DCX Agencies Deliver :

Manageable and accessible data

We understand data and clients trust us with their data. We build the customer databases and integrate customer data platforms to look after and take care of the data. Data is big, so we dig deep into all its states and cleanse when required to make it manageable and accessible. By underpinning data platforms with smart technology and intelligent business automation we create sustainably improved and compliant data universes.

Better customer understanding from data

We reduce noise and create focus. With accessible data, we can find out what it is saying and the important points to note. We analyse it to get a better customer understanding – the what, the why and the when. Our planners combine analysis with research and behavioural psychology to establish core insights into those customers and we uncover what makes them buy, and why they leave a brand. By connecting these insights across the entire customer journey we determine the best strategic plan and marketing activity to gain new customers, grow market share or improve loyalty.

Compelling connections that drive action

We create stories that resonate and maximise communications effectiveness. Our creative team use AI eye-tracking to critique what currently exists, and use data insights to generate stand out creative, copy and content. Informed by the customer data, we design compelling connections between a brand and its customers that drive action.

The right place: multi-channel communications

We create hundreds of millions of emails and SMS communications for our clients. Multi-channel marketing is in our DNA, so knowing how to craft and code the message, ensuring relevant personalisation, building dynamic content and moving customers to action is what we care about. We help clients create, manage, deploy and analyse real-time communications.

The right message to the right person

We use AI-enabled technology and our in-house expertise to trigger appropriate content, send communications at the optimised times, and capture responses across the entire customer journey.

Compliant and controlled campaign management

We put control back in the hands of our clients. Whether its stand-alone or multi-channel campaigns being delivered, we monitor and report at every step keeping them up to date on performance and ensuring we meet compliance requirements. We can arm clients with the ability to manage content and self-serve, or look after their interests and needs for them.

Product ideation that creates competitive advantage

Our teams help organisations understand the viability, desirability and feasibility of a digital idea, to determine the business impact and opportunity, why customers will need and use it, and what technologies are best to realise the idea. These assessments quickly create the business case to help clients make the right decision, essential when speed to market of new products and services creates competitive advantage.

Design and build that delivers return on investment

In today’s world, we understand the need to get digital products & services to market quickly and effectively to deliver back the ROI. We move with agility and flexibility through product definition, design and development, through to the DevOps, security and the release programme. Continuous delivery methodologies support the release of digital products such as websites, portals, mobile and web applications through to multi-product programmes of initiatives.

Lights-on and fine-tuned: end-to-end support

Beyond the release, we support with product operations including the technical environments and infrastructure, with 24/7 support when required. Through data and analytics reporting we discover insights to optimise the performance of the products through better UX, content use and SEO, to drive action and goal completions that hit your business KPIs and success measures.