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Bupa Case Study

What our client wanted

Bupa, one of the UK’s leading health insurers, needed to provide a new group of members with both a purely digital welcome and an ongoing journey. With only eight weeks to deliver the project they turned to us for help. As their trusted customer communications partner, we knew how to deliver a solution that met their stringent needs with minimal risk and high levels of security. Because we already received the data stream needed to fuel the journey, we had a great starting point.


What we gave them

We listened to our client’s business challenge and created a solution that allowed them to digitise an existing offline journey without making changes to their systems. We integrated the email journey with a bespoke web portal, and our UX specialists kept the customer experience as friction-free as possible for our client’s members. We also made use of our digital archive and secure consumer portal, allowing members to securely access their key policy documents whenever they needed them. Furthermore, as their email, digital marketing, direct mail and transactional communications provider we were able to integrate the solution within their ecosystem.


What was the impact

Bupa now has a digital communications platform which enables its members to select a purely digital communications preference when they sign up. As the provider of their transactional printing service, Paragon has used this solution to digitise its own offline work, something that was recognised as a unique approach by the client. The solution has the capacity to process and deliver millions of regulated communications each year, offering significant savings compared with the cost of the offline alternative.


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