International Card Services

500,000 credit card application forms digitised for payment service provider ICS


International Card Services Case Study
International Card Services Case Study

What our client wanted

For International Card Services (ICS), security is their number one priority. They have managed the supply and service of Mastercard and Visa cards in the Netherlands for more than thirty years. With over 3 million issued credit cards, they are the market leader, serving both individuals and business customers.  ICS wanted to digitise more than 500,000 documents in order to make the stored information easily accessible. They also needed more consistency in the layout of the forms. For this project, our client was looking for a business partner who could perform the work quickly and professionally to a high standard.

International Card Services Case Study

What we gave them

We transported all physical documents from ICS to our main Service Center in The Netherlands. Here we added document separation sheets, made the forms ready for scanning and scanned the documents at 300 dpi in duplex. After scanning, our operators checked the images for readability and quality, guaranteeing the quality of the digitised documents. The unique number for each document was added by data entry and after scanning, we converted the images via OCR software into fully searchable PDFs. This allows ICS to search for specific information by keyword. The physical files have been repacked into boxes and sorted by year and date. We provided every box with a barcode sticker, so the physical documents could be linked to the digital database, and the original physical documents have been securely archived.


International Card Services Case Study

What was the impact

ICS found the flexible partner they were looking for and we delivered exactly what our client needed. Thanks to the digitisation, the documents are visible from every client location by authorized ICS employees, and can be consulted via a simple keyword search. The accessibility of the information has been improved and the consistency has been increased. During the entire process we have guaranteed complete data security by working in accordance with very strict information security standards.


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