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International Courier and Logistics Giant Case Study

What our client wanted

Our client is an international courier delivery service, delivering documents, parcels and freight to over 200 countries and offering next-day service to hundreds of cities and markets. As part of their huge international network they required 24/7 access to their business-critical documents, labels, bags and other items which are needed by their customers to dispatch documents and parcels. Previously, customers had to call a help desk to order these items, a process that took significant resources both at their help desk and depots responsible for dispatching the items. Furthermore, with no proper controls there was considerable waste, which resulted in customers having to store multiple half-full boxes of airway bills and other materials.


What we gave them

We delivered an ordering and fulfilment system, designed to match our client's corporate branding, so when customers access Paragon's e-commerce Platform (PEP), the transfer is seamless. Paragon provide a centralised warehouse fulfilment service for all products, including those manufactured in-house and those supplied by our client. The customer has access to very detailed management information on ordering patterns and can adjust order limits accordingly. All teams on both sides of the operation also have regular updates to ensure the workflow and direction are correct. We manage a complete range of solutions for our client, including transactional print and mail, inbound communications, e-invoicing, warehousing and supply chain management.


What was the impact

Our solution has provided full traceability of all customer orders and generates significant savings across multiple areas of the client's business. There are reduced customer service calls now that orders are placed and tracked online, enabling our client's customer service teams to concentrate on core activities that deliver an improved customer experience. Better efficiency and traceability have resulted in no duplicated orders, and pre-printed documents are more legible compared to when they were previously handwritten, so the sorting process is more efficient. Our optimised process leads to faster and more accurate deliveries, higher customer satisfaction and increased cost savings. A clearer picture with real-time information is now available, allowing our client to adapt their services and business development based on the results.


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