International and regional marketing campaigns streamlined for food giant, Kellogg’s

Kellog's Case Study

What our client wanted

Kellogg’s promote and sell their products via major retailers and wholesalers on a global basis and required a strategic partner to support the design, production, fulfilment and logistics of their point-of-sale (POS) materials including temporary, semi-permanent and permanent freestanding display units. Kellogg’s needed a solution that met their needs more closely than the incumbent service provider had, which offered more cost efficiency with a dynamic approach, and better technology. Innovation was key for a client that wanted to reduce plastic usage in favour of more environmentally friendly materials.

What we gave them

We delivered an end-to-end service that managed the whole of our client’s Print and POS process. We introduced PEP, Paragon’s bespoke technology platform that was developed in-house to support and easily integrate with multiple client systems by API links. We manage around 120 global order windows, which are consolidated by Paragon and delivered according to Kellogg’s’ campaign and product launch activation plan. We have given our client a technology solution that supports and aligns with their centralised procurement model and enables them to manage both central and local campaigns across the EMEA region.


What was the impact

Paragon’s solution is up to 36% more cost effective than the previous service provider, delivering significant gains in process efficiency and allowing Kellogg’s to focus on their core activities. The consolidated order process allows Paragon to fully leverage their global supplier network to extract best-buy price, while also ensuring cost-effective procurement, brand consistency and timely delivery to market in time for retail activation dates. The seamless transition, including Paragon’s TUPE expertise, has allowed Kellogg’s to move past ‘business as usual’ and into innovation; they can now plan ahead with greater strategy due to the live tracking and visibility of orders.

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