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Digitisation of building archives, land registries and permits for a local authority

Case Study- Digitisation of building archives

What our client wanted

Our client had a large number of physical building archives for properties within their municipality, consisting of land registry data, permit records, construction plans, site photos and land drawings.
These documents were spread over several locations resulting in duplicated reference files, an unclear and inconsistent archive system with inefficient facilitation of archive requests and data processing.

What we gave them

We provided full digitisation of all archives for our client, initially receiving the existing physical archive documentation at our premises where we  immediately added a track and trace to each document to ensure these were traceable at all times.Managed through consultation with the client we successfully cleaned and removed all duplicate records and prepared the documentation for digitisation through the creation of reference files, document classification, image editing and file merging.

After digitisation of all documentation was complete we provided our client access to a fully integrated document portal where the building archives and records can be viewed digitally from any location.The original files were repackaged and stored in acid-free folders and boxes in our secure facility, and due to the track and trace system implemented from the outset, these originals can be requested and located, at any time.

What is the impact

The entire building archives for our client are now stored in one location and are digitally accessible, providing real-time access to complete and consistent records which can be viewed using a clear and easy to use archiving and refence system.This saves considerable time when searching and sharing building archives.

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