Major Automotive Brand

Communication management both nationally and at local dealership level

Major Automotive Brand Case Study

What our client wanted

Our client, a major international car maker, had a pressing need for support and advice on their print communications across multiple formats, including Point Of Sale (POS), direct marketing, and unaddressed print.
These print products and POS items are used both at the national level in our client’s marketing campaigns across the country, as well as for individual dealerships who run campaigns for their local market.


What we gave them

We made our PEP portal available to our client’s dealerships, which they can use to order and personalise their customer communications according to our client’s brand identity, and thus simplify their ordering process, which previously was managed by the head office. 
We also support our client by advising them on technical and creative opportunities, and have given them a dedicated manufacturing manager who acts as a one-stop shop for all of their requests. 

What was the impact

The dedicated manufacturing manager is now our client’s main point of contact for all their print communications, which are created and ordered by five different internal departments.
The PEP portal allows the network of dealerships to manage the personalisation of their printed communications online, enabling them to easily create their local campaigns while saving on costs. We also provide them with a telesales service to make sure their dealerships are ordering the correct collateral for local open days, and conduct surveys on the dealerships to know which POS to send them. Previously, each dealership received the same kit no matter their size, which resulted in unused stock and wasted resource for our client.
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