Strategic Vendor Partnership with MetLife


Metlife Case Study

What our client wanted

MetLife operated an in-house solution across European countries providing transactional statement printing, welcome packs, inbound insurance related communications and marketing print. They wanted to outsource these requirements to a trusted Global Service Partner who would combine the US and European service contracts under a single governance model, provide ready access to the latest technology and innovation, whilst also being proactive in helping them to drive in efficiencies, drive out cost and improve the end customer experience. MetLife needed a partner who could provide innovative communications to an initial five countries, with the potential to roll out across their other global locations.


What we gave them

We devised a governance model that would simplify and standardise the multi-layered ways of working at MetLife, via contractual governance and redeployment of specific areas of MetLife management, moving toward a three-tier ‘Business as Usual’ (BAU) and strategic governance program. We developed a strategic relationship with regional contract owners and their Global Vendor Management (GVM) teams, and worked closely with our local Paragon operations and chosen vendor partners in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and the UK, establishing a “One Paragon” approach. At the same time, we delivered a seamless, resilient, and flexible fast track to BAU. We reverse engineered existing processes to gain operational efficiencies and support project delivery. We also standardised control file development and delivered a common print ready platform.


What was the impact

MetLife now have a fully compliant Inbound and Outbound operation across five countries, mitigating GDPR compliance challenges, financial legislation and compliance risks. They also have a single transatlantic contract for Inbound and Outbound secure communications and an established platform to build from for future business transformation. We are a ‘best in breed’ strategic vendor partner who invests heavily in new technology, for the direct benefit of our clients. The service scope has since extended to other MetLife countries and additional Paragon services including hybrid mail provision, multichannel publishing, creative services, archiving, marketing print management, consultancy, document re-engineering, data capture, inbound cheque & banking payment processing, returns management and secure destruction.


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