Significant savings across services thanks to Paragon’s PEP solution

TNT Case Study

What our client wanted

With a complex logistics service in the UK, France and Benelux, TNT needed a 24/7 ordering system for the business-critical documents, labels, bags and other items required by their customers to dispatch parcels into their network. Customers were required to call a help desk to order consumables, a process that required significant resources both at our client’s help desk and the depots responsible for dispatching the items. Furthermore, with no proper controls there was considerable waste with customers having multiple half-full boxes of air waybills and other materials.



What we gave them

The system is branded to match our client’s brand, so when customers access the Paragon E-commerce Platform (PEP) site the transfer is seamless. We provide a centralised fulfilment service for all products, including those manufactured by Paragon and those supplied by TNT. We store items at a central hub to be picked, packed and shipped, with all individual orders accumulated and regularly collected and entered into TNT’s delivery network. TNT in the UK, France and Benelux countries have access to detailed management information on ordering patterns and adjust order limits accordingly.



What was the impact

We provided full traceability on all customer orders and delivered successful savings across multiple areas. Reduced customer service calls thanks to online ordering and tracking saved our client time and money. In turn this has created more time for their customer service team to concentrate on core activities deliver an improved customer experience. In Benelux the PEP catalogue includes chargeable products as well as free-issue items, so the service became a revenue generator. Our optimised process leads to faster deliveries, fewer missed deliveries, higher customer satisfaction and cost reduction.


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