Complete, streamlined communication solution for a Banking Giant


What our client wanted

Our client, an international banking giant, needed a complete streamlined solution for their varied marketing and print needs across multiple countries. They wanted a secure solution for highly sensitive documents, expert supplier management, and a partner who could support widespread digital transformation, relieve pressure on internal resource, and maintain 100% accuracy in a tightly regulated environment. Having developed our relationship with the client over 10 successful years, we understood their needs.

What we gave them

We provided a simplified catalogue of dynamic templates in a multichannel environment, which any of our client’s 4,000 registered users could access from anywhere in the world, allowing them to quickly and accurately order a wide range of printed collateral and business stationery. Our vast and international in-house manufacturing footprint ensured we could blend our client’s existing suppliers with our own provision, giving them a best-in-class supply chain, fully managed and de-risked on their behalf.

What was the impact

We delivered a multichannel, multi-service solution. Paragon Customer Communications simplified the complex and seamlessly integrated into our client’s ordering and courier systems. We ensured that we could react quickly and consistently to their changing needs. Our standardised and centralised model guaranteed a brilliant user experience and an unparalleled quality of service for our client. Following the successful implementation of our solution, the client is aiming to replicate our operating model across multiple international locations.

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