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Optimised regulatory communications

We enhance our clients’ regulatory communications and improve clarity, branding and postal efficiency. We deliver the quickest possible response, with the specialist infrastructure and expertise that ensure we exceed regulatory and client security requirements.

Are you ready to meet your regulatory requirement to circulate UCITS KIIDs to your retail investors in ‘good time’ before a transaction is concluded?

Paragon is trusted by Asset Managers to deliver customer communications in accordance with strict regulations and timeframes. This includes supplying pre-sale UCITS KIIDs fulfilment solutions to the Asset Management industry since their introduction in 2012.

Paragon has adapted their trusted service to bring you a complete solution for all of your UCITS KIIDs delivery requirements.

The Paragon KIID Distributor is an intuitive database system that allows true flexibility in the distribution, archiving and reporting of UCITS KIIDs for retail investors in Europe.

Paragon will host your documents securely and work with you or your KIID provider to ensure that only the latest document versions are distributed. We are able to automate the process to reflect document updates immediately as new KIIDs are published.


  • Financial experience and European presence to help you distribute UCITS KIIDs

  • Reliable system to immediately send KIIDs on request to ensure compliance

  • Ability to order the KIIDs for despatch via print, email attachments or an online link

  • Document verification with a full audit trail and the ability to report on all digital KIID deliveries

  • Instant access to flexible reporting and MI

  • Adaptable solution that can fit within your current infrastructure or be provided as a standalone cloud-based solution

  • Existing relationships and integration with many leading KIID creation companies including KIID Hub, Kneip, Fund Library and FE

  • Working with a dedicated Financial Services account management team, with years of experience in KIID handling

  • Ability to index, store and retain your regulatory material in Paragon Archive for as long as you need

Exceeds all regulatory requirements

Exceeds all regulatory requirements

Enables a quick response to changing environments

Enables a quick response to changing environments

Ensures maximum reach via customers’ preferred channels

Ensures maximum reach via customers’ preferred channels


We help our clients meet customer demand for digital transformation. Our multichannel creation and distribution capabilities help you achieve maximum reach, enabling you to speak to your customers via the channels they prefer, with enhanced branding and messaging.

We also have postage specialists and distribution industry experience to minimise your postage fees. Each client gets a single point of contact service for typesetting, printing, mailing and archiving important documents and communications. This ensures a high speed of delivery and consistency of message.

Would you like to find out how our regulatory team can help you stay compliant while delivering effective, impactful communications?