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Securely deliver confidential documents to your customers at scale


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What is Paragon Secure Email?

Your customers expect their information to be protected. Paragon Secure Email is an enterprise-level email solution, allowing you to securely deliver confidential documents to your customers at scale. It fills the gap in your mail flow security, protecting the sensitive data included in email messages and attachments with end-to-end, AES-256 encryption.

Our Secure Email service empowers your customers, offering free read and reply to registered recipients and driving client engagement. With company branding easily applied to outgoing secure emails, you differentiate yourself as a leader in customer data protection, increasing customer trust and strengthening your reputation.

Your benefits at a glance

Saves time and money via a white paper solution or pre-printed bespoke collateral

Reduces print, pack and post costs

Improves operational efficiency

Ensures maximum reach via customers’ preferred channels

Contributes to a positive environmental impact

How does it work?

Paragon has partnered with leading email encryption provider Beyond Encryption, seamlessly implementing their Mailock Technology into our eDelivery platform. This allows you to easily send emails using your existing account, with all sensitive content being fully encrypted and only intended recipients receiving access to it.

Paragon eDelivery is the must-have tool for any business, offering you the highest levels of security that not only mitigates risk but also provides a competitive advantage. With full delivery tracking, you can ensure that customers access and read vital documentation and messages, alongside guaranteeing your company’s regulatory compliance.

Paragon eDelivery Benefits also include:

  • Protection from the reputational and economical risks associated with sending confidential information through ‘open email’.
  • Prevention of potentially serious penalties from violating data regulations such as GDPR and MiFID II.
  • Enhanced, secure communication with a full auditable delivery.


Learn how Paragon Secure Email can let you securely deliver confidential documents to your customers at scale