Paragon Customer Communications NL digitises all inbound mail for Aegon NV with DigiMail

Aegon Case Study

Headquartered in the Netherlands, multinational company Aegon provides life and non-life insurance, pensions, savings and investments. Worldwide, Aegon’s 26,000 employees serve 40 million customers in over twenty markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

The challenge

Aegon NV wanted a solution to digitise large volumes of inbound physical and digital mail, in order to make their data more manageable, shareable and searchable for immediate and future use. Aegon wanted to digitally process all incoming physical and digital mail in order to work more effectively. There was also a key requirement for security and accuracy throughout the process.

The solution

Our Dutch subsidiary Paragon Customer Communications Netherlands implemented a DigiMail solution, receiving, scanning, sorting and processing all mail for Aegon NV. After scanning and converting email correspondence, the documents are automatically recognised and sorted into the various document types. In this automated process, the relevant meta-data on the documents is also extracted.
The digital output is delivered in a uniform, standardised and secure fashion compliant with Aegon’s workflow processes. With Digi Mail, Paragon automatically processes all physical and digital messages from Aegon customers such as incoming mail, fax and e-mail messages, notes or invoices in the quickest and most efficient manner. The files are digitised, classified (sorting by post type) and indexed (meta-data by post type) preventing mistakes and improving efficiency.


Digitale postkamer Aegon

The Benefits

  • DigiMail provides a faster, cost effective solution with increased accuracy 
  • Over 5000 documents and emails processed per day, in many different formats
  • Improved customer response time and customer communication
  • Cost savings Business critical system
  • More efficient back office processing

The result

Aegon have been able to streamline a number of processes, and convert documents of multiple formats into single-format, usable, flexible data. The speed of the processing and increased movement of documents throughout the company means Aegon’s customer response is now much faster, as teams are able to use the documents on arrival. This is a cost-saving, more efficient, business critical system that allows Aegon to respond more quickly to their customers. Over 5,000 documents are processed every day and sent to the correct departments - previously this was being done manually.


"We are provided with an interfaced solution for our workflow systems which enables our customer services to respond better and faster to our client and intermediaries. Where we are today is a result of a close collaboration, a mutual understanding and liaison between Aegon contract management, business owners and Paragon. "