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Automated Processing of Inbound Traffic Fines

ALD Automotive is a leasing company with approximately 170 employees in the Netherlands and a fleet of around 40,000 vehicles.


The challenge

Every day leasing company ALD Automotive receives fines from its drivers (customers). These fines are broken out by CJIB fines and fines from municipalities and abroad. Fine from abroad were almost always supplied in hard copy. 
Leasing company ALD Automotive received many fines every day from its drivers (customers). In addition, two different streams of fines came in: CJIB fines and fines from municipalities and abroad. These last-mentioned fines were almost always supplied in hard copy. 
In addition to their core duties, ALD Automotive employees also had to receive , unpack and enter these tickets manually into their system - a complicated and slow manual process.


The solution

Three times a week the fines are collected by Paragon Customer Communications at ALD Automotive and brought to our service center in Alphen aan den Rijn. All fines are unpacked at our location and sorted by municipal, foreign, foreign countries without amount and rental agreements. 
Subsequently, the fines are scanned through a bespoke PCC system, which is fully aligned with the ALD Automotive (Sofico) system. By means of OCR, the fields that have to be filled for Sofico are automatically filled. Fines that - for whatever reason - cannot or can only partially be processed automatically, end up with our operators. They fill in the fields manually and perform a check.
All processed tickets end up on  data files. ALD Automotive retrieves the data files  from the secure FTP server. The data files can be read directly into their system and the processing is further automated.

The Benefits

  • Tailored process on own system
  • Cost and time savings
  • Focus on core activities

The Results

ALD Automotive's penalty processing process now has a fast turnaround time with a 99%+ approval rate, thanks to our automated processes. With our solution, ALD Automotive saves time and money and allows operators to refocus on their core business. 

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