Digital Customer Loyalty App

Generated more than £1 million in sales during launch period.

Customer Loyalty App Trade Retailer

What our client wanted

While this leading building trade supplier’s customers loved receiving a monthly discount code by email, they didn’t like having to scroll through their inboxes at the till, trying to find the latest voucher. Our client needed a mobile app to help customers redeem their discounts quicker, as well as an app-based loyalty scheme to drive digital transformation, with richer customer profiles delivering more useful content and relevant offers.



What we gave them

We worked to understand our client’s audience in more depth, as well as their habits with the retailer and with using apps in general, allowing us to map out customer journeys for existing and new profiles. We integrated technologies that were already in place within the client’s existing platform, including CRM data and point-of-sale products. Our solution powered the client’s loyalty strategy. It is scalable in the long-term and includes flexibility for future functionality and commercial opportunities. Finally, we created a launch plan using the customers’ preferred email communications to ensure quick and successful adoption of the new app.

What was the impact

In the first week of launch across the UK, more than 4,200 trade customers downloaded the app, signed up and generated vouchers, with over 6,000 transactions processed. Across the launch period, the app generated more than £1 million in sales for our client.