Email Marketing

Email Marketing

How can your brand stand out and engage its audience via email marketing?

With more communications channels available to companies than ever before, marketing strategies are becoming diluted. Consumers are demanding personalised content, and GDPR and ePECR are causing boardroom headaches. It all sounds like doom and gloom for email marketers, right? Wrong! Our Senior Solution Design Consultant, Paul Jempson, provides some reasons to be cheerful.

More channels means more insight into your customers

The increasing number of ways by which your customers can receive marketing communications has the added benefit of giving you more insight into their behaviours than ever before. The actions your customers take in response to digital communications – opens, clicks, page visits, social media interaction (through email linkage) – can all be used to inform your analytics, follow-up communications and content personalisation. If you know that an individual customer responds in a certain way to a certain message, it gives you valuable information which can advise on how you communicate with them next time, improving results and increasing return on investment.

Email still plays, and will continue to play, a core role in how businesses communicate with their customers within an omnichannel communication strategy. Here’s why:

According to the Direct Mail Association’s Consumer Email Tracker report, 99% of consumers check their personal email inbox every single day.

The same survey found that 83% of people surveyed still use the first ever email address as their primary account, showing an attachment to the technology.

They also found that only 20% of respondents thought that the majority of marketing emails contain useful information. This gives you a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Similarly, only 60% of consumers believe that brands utilise email well.

So what does this mean? It means that email is still a trusted channel for consumers, but brands are missing the opportunity to deliver engaging communications. It also means that when a customer gives you their email address and their consent for email marketing, they are handing over a highly-prized piece of personal information, so brands must respect that exchange and work hard to send high quality communications. People are checking their email all the time, averaging 20 times a day according to the DMA report, but a large proportion of them feel that marketeers do not deliver engaging content.

When consumers are asked what it is that makes for good email communications from a brand, they cited “useful information and news”, as well as relevant messaging as being the most important factors. If a brand wants to provide these, it can only be achieved by ‘listening’ to their customers’ needs and behaviours, via communication touchpoints, and then ‘speaking’ to them in a way which will resonate and motivate them to act.

How can we help? There are a variety of ways in which we can help businesses to use email better. Through the bespoke integrations and technologies we use, we can help to bring your communication channels together. We also have the expertise to analyse the ‘listening’ data and map your customers’ behaviour, allowing you to send your customers the right message at the right time.

We’re also innovative with our email design and coding, using numerous techniques to deliver optimised email communications, including:

  • Product carousels
  • Menu bars
  • Image animations
  • In-email digital booklets

We have created a Paragon branded example of an email campaign we delivered for a client recently – which increased product interest and online traffic during a new product launch – to give a flavour of our capabilities.

The example email showcases how animated images can be used, along with functionality to change the colour within the email itself. What you cannot see on the surface is the expert coding that is undertaken to ensure the email is optimised to the recipient’s device and the use of ALT tags and ‘bullet-proof buttons’ so that recipients can see the content of the email when images are blocked.


Our sophisticated email capabilities (alongside our data management and analytics capabilities) allow our clients to send highly personalised communications. Through unlimited dynamic content capabilities we can tailor communications based on the recipient’s behaviour to drive further behaviours.

A great example of this is Public Health England’s One You survey response email, with a fully personalised, real-time email trigger with recommendations based on their responses to an online survey





We can also make expert use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our communications in the form of:

  • Send-Time Optimisation: sending email communications to individuals when we know they are most likely to engage, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach to all consumers across all demographics.
  • Campaign Anomaly Detection: high-powered intelligence to monitor the effectiveness of a campaign, detecting anomalies and alerting our clients as soon as we see them occur.
  • Automated Optimisation: by monitoring campaign performance, we can automatically adjust campaign variants based on ‘Champion-Challenger’ algorithms, in order to optimise response rates.

Brands need to continue to try and stay relevant to their customers. With the new General Data Protection Regulations coming into play (and PECR soon to follow), now is an ideal ‘reset point’ to consider who you should and shouldn’t contact and the channel(s) to employ – your communication strategy could be a legal and financial risk, not just a consideration as best practice. To help you our analysts can interpret your customer data and deliver customer segmentation, our planners can devise the optimal strategy and content personalisation in your communications, and our operational teams can deploy the most engaging messaging. We will help you to be relevant to your customers.

As part of our continued learning and optimisation, we will look at new ways to innovate - be that through AI, platform integrations or more sophisticated coding to provide amazing ‘in email capabilities’ for our customers. We continue to review new solutions and new techniques to see where we can add value, while delivering the quality and security our clients expect. We will be sure to let you know about new capabilities!

With all of the above tools and techniques at our disposal, we can help you to deliver positive experiences to your customers, get them to engage with your brand, and ultimately deliver you a positive return on investment.

If this has given you some initial ideas and thoughts, please feel free to get in touch to discuss your particular email strategy and how we can help you optimise your email communications through relevancy and useful information.


Paul Jempson
Senior Solution Design Consultant | Paragon Customer Communications