The delicate balance of managing costs without compromising your brand


Franchising is a billion-pound industry in the UK – £15 billion to be precise, and it’s growing all the time; it’s a sector that has tripled in size in just 20 years, and seen a 70% employee increase in 10 years alone. Profit seems almost certain - 97% of franchisees are making money.

However this depends on a number of key factors, that if neglected, render a franchisee less a franchise, more a poor knock-off from the established brand, and it is BRAND that is the key factor – a franchisor is only as successful as the franchisee network that represents the brand.[1]

There are two big hurdles to jump in the franchising sector:

How can you protect your brand without unnecessary spend?

How can you ensure brand control that’s effective without strangling the autonomy, creativity, considered differentiation and flexibility needed at a local level for your franchisee network?

We suggest three steps to help you overcome these challenges:

  • REPLICATE your franchise processes with a centralised collateral control solution
  • IMPROVE your performance and streamline your processes
  • INNOVATE to grow your business, increasing your franchise network and customer base

At Paragon we work with franchises of differing sizes, across a wide range of sectors, supporting their vision. We help them to increase their profit and grow their franchise – managing that delicate balance between managing costs without compromising brand quality and control.

To do this, our customers use Paragon PEP – a dedicated web portal from which you can order the items you need, allow your franchisees to manage their own business whilst allowing you to analyse spend and performance. The solution is highly flexible - providing a reprographic and marketing ordering solution, which provides cost control, brand support, design support and dedicated account management.