Healthcare and insurance provider

Sophisticated CRM programme for a healthcare and insurance provider


Health Insurance Case Study

What our client wanted

Having previously helped our client to introduce a successful customer welcome journey, we were invited to help improve their CRM program. Our client needed to improve customer engagement, reduce churn and build brand advocates.



What we gave them

We held workshops with stakeholders throughout our client’s business. By analysing customer needs and pain points, we created a seamless journey for their customers, from policy take-up through to the end of the first years customer experience and beyond. Message timing, content and calls to action were personalised and optimised against in-depth segmentation, with clearer stages of interaction delivered through triggered communications. We enabled our client to cross-sell and up-sell other services to their customers, increasing ROI, long-term engagement and customer loyalty. We also intelligently adapted their campaign creative to help deliver the new journey by tracking and analysing every detail to continually improve performance. We also adapted their campaign creative to empower the new journey, while every detail was tracked and analysed to continually improve performance.



What was the impact

The CRM programme has been a huge success, driving down lapse rates and increasing engagement of the targeted customers. The use of control groups to measure effectiveness has also provided valuable insights on the impact of the programme. We achieved a 28% reduction in churn rate, equating to more than £600,000 in incremental revenue, and delivered an incremental ROI of 21:1.