Leading train operator

Increased customer engagement, sales, and move to digital

Increased customer engagement, sales, and move to digital

What our client wanted

This leading UK train operator had a fragmented customer experience due to legacy technology and online infrastructure. Customers struggled with basic functionality, such as buying tickets, which resulted in both a negative user experience and missed opportunities for our client. Part of the challenge was to change our client’s internal culture and make data and insight a bigger consideration for their key stakeholders.

What we gave them

We devised a three-to-five-year digital strategy to improve three key areas of the customer experience: buying tickets, offering advice during disruptions and inspiring customers to travel to new places. This strategy included a new marketing website and booking flow, upgrading the ‘My Account’ area, and tactical updates to the original website infrastructure. We developed a framework and a set of high KPIs against these objectives to provide a clear focus with rigorous governance, driving strong performance gains with complete visibility for our client.

What was the impact

Our client’s new website saw a 9.3% increase in average booking conversion rate, a 56% increase in online sales and a shift to digital of 24%. The website is now a fully customer-driven proposition, enabling our client to make changes and optimise their website based on the clearly identified needs of their online customers.

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