Managing and reducing the influx of customer emails

Reducing and handling inbound queries for an international utilities provider

Managing and reducing the influx of customer emails

What our client wanted

Our utility provider client wanted to establish effective strategies and processes to manage and reduce the influx of customer emails, which comprised 70% of their inbound enquiries.

What we gave them

We conducted a root cause analysis on more than 50,000 emails over a six-month period, mining keywords from the subject lines and main body content to help categorise and index them. Once key themes had been identified, we drilled down further into the email categories and sub-categories. We created intelligent markers, analysing urgency, importance, and sentiment, as well as who sent and received the email. This rich insight enabled us to develop strategies that accurately responded to customer queries in the timescale, manner and process that were most appropriate, and helped us to signpost specific issues within the client’s business that could be improved by directing resources where they were needed. This also enabled us to shed light on what was working well for the client, highlighting happy customers and helping to address more problematic areas. Artificial intelligence and automated communications are now being woven into the solution to deliver further performance and customer experience benefits.



What was the impact

As well as improving their customers’ experience, our email analytics helped to generate a 6.3% contact volume decrease compared with the previous year, saving approximately 2,500 agent hours previously spent dealing with avoidable demand. Comparing the cost against the investment in analytics yielded operational efficiency gains and an ROI of just under 2:1, which will repeat each year – a win-win situation for both our client and their customers. A testament to the success of our work is that similar approaches are now being developed for business customers, and we are now evaluating email traffic for the client’s larger residential customer base.



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