Multichannel customer dialogue for E.on

Automated processes with maximum flexibility


EON-International Case Study

What our client wanted

E.ON was looking for a full service provider who could manage their multichannel customer communications, from acquisition through to billing with high flexibility and at short timescales. The production process needed to factor in a multi-stage approval process by the client, and they also needed the ability to control individual documents before production. In addition, they needed a solution that enabled document-specific reporting and detailed billing to various departments, while also being able to automatically produce quick and flexible ad-hoc mailings. The data contained within these reports needed to be represented holistically with a high degree of complexity. 


What we gave them

We are the specialist partner our client needed, one who manages the complete customer journey from acquisition to billing. Our workflow specialists provided the tools that enable our client's teams to both check and amend their documents within a two-stage approval process. It is now possible to automatically remove individual documents from the print stream, add an insert and postpone parts of production to a later date if, for example, their service centre is dealing with high volumes. We also take care of data acquisition during the complex customer signup process. With the help of our specialist software, around 150 different card variants are created, produced and dispatched for 11 E.ON clients, all within a very short timescale. Postal delivery is fully consolidated, with full transparency, and several Paragon sites throughout Germany are involved in production in order to optimise the logistical process and minimise costs. 


What was the impact

Paragon has been working for several E.ON Group companies for over ten years, and we now despatch around 8 million customer energy cards and print around 16 million mail items, 34 million sheets and 56 million pages for them every year. Additionally, 900,000 e-invoices are now also sent via email. The customer receives a dynamic email which provides graphically processed information, giving clarity and adding value to their communications, and they can also access an archived PDF of their invoice. We have enabled our client to generate cost savings through outsourcing, reduced their carbon footprint, and provided an automated process with maximum flexibility for their communications.



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