Multinational Furniture Retailer

Trigger-Based Deployment of direct mail campaigns

Personalised Direct Mail For Multinational Furniture Retailer

What our client wanted

Our client recognises the value of personalisation in marketing communications and takes active steps to ensure direct, individual dialogue with customers wherever possible.
The company were looking to introduce highly individualised, personal direct mailings to their customers for selected campaigns, to provide one-to-one physical communications that underpin their ongoing digital communication activity.


What we gave them

We built a dynamic set of direct mail templates for our client based on previous purchases, brand engagement trends, customer experience feedback and personal information.
Through the smart use of data, we were able to work with the client to establish trigger-based deployment of these direct mail campaigns containing individualised communication for their customers. For example, if a customer had recently purchased a kitchen from our client, they would receive a personalised printed communication individualised for their new kitchen with vouchers for related accessories and additions included.


What was the impact

Our client has benefited from the ability to deliver highly customised, short print runs of direct mail communications. The one-to-one communications have quick go-to-market speeds so enables time sensitive promotional offers to be included, that are highly relevant when received by the customer. The direct mail campaigns have received high engagement rates with feedback from customers welcoming the perceived one-to-one dialogue of these campaigns.


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