The New Normal - Episode #2

Brands are battling for that “genuine” engagement – wanting to appear authentic to their customers, but also looking for ways to automate processes. In the world of digital automation, how can brands still ensure genuine human engagement without it affecting their digital journey?  Is tech an enabler or a blocker for this? And the final big question: can technology potentially tarnish the CX for some brands?

In this episode John Chapple (Host) is joined by special guests;

  • Peter Gough – Founding Partner @ ORM
  • Nino Sheikh-Thompkins – Head of Strategy & Proposition @ Paragon DCX
  • Marc Michaels – Strategy & creative Director @ Paragon Parkhouse


Watch the full episode below:

The New Normal | Episode #2 "Staying authentic in an age of automation"



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Marc Michaels, Creative & Strategy Director for Paragon Parkhouse, outlines the importance of listening to your customers’ needs and getting to grips with the psychology of what makes them tick.

Peter Gough, Founding Partner at ORM, discusses some of the key drivers that consumers face when approaching new and existing brands in a post Covid-19 world. 


Nino Sheikh-Thompkins, Head of Strategy & Proposition at Paragon DCX, explains how human interaction is still vital when making use of technology and automated processes.