The Prince’s Trust



Case Study: App Developed for The Princes Trust

Taking a fundraising challenge to the next level for The Prince’s Trust

The Prince's Trust Case Study

What Our Client Wanted

The Prince’s Trust is one of Britain’s best-known charities, supporting thousands of young people every year to get their lives back on track. They needed to transform their Future Steps challenge into an app, allowing workplace teams to get fit and raise money for The Trust. The requirements for the app were to streamline the process of signing up, raising money, tracking steps or other activity. It would also share progress via social media and reduce the administrative burden on the Future Steps campaign team. Our client had a tight schedule and needed to be ready for initial release within 10 weeks, so we had to hit the ground running.


The Prince's Trust Case Study

What we gave them

The project had very clear goals and we quickly worked in an agile manner to define what functionalities the app would have for the first version vs future versions. We workshopped the various user roles and journeys, defining requirements for the differing needs of administrators, team leaders, participants and their devices. We were in constant communication with our client’s digital team to simultaneously develop wireframes for each user experience, technical architecture, branding, design, marketing language and UI. We ensured high levels of encryption and privacy for our client’s data. Our team’s experience with React Native allowed us to build both iOS and Android apps from a single codebase.


The Prince's Trust Case Study

What was the impact

The Future Steps app was launched on time and in budget within 10 weeks, and we continued to work with our client to deliver the next version as planned. The first live testers were onboarded immediately, and we also delivered smooth integration with JustGiving, reducing our client’s admin burden from the start. Our experts seamlessly integrated the app with HealthKit, Google Fit and Fitbit to greatly reduce manual processing of step activity. On top of this, we are also adding social sharing and gamification techniques to increase both participation and fundraising for our client. Overall, they have seen a significant increase in their key business metrics: a 109% increase in challenge completion and 71% growth in fundraising.


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