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St Mungo's Case Study
St Mungo's Case Study

What Our Client Wanted

Our client St Mungo’s, a key charity in the fight against homelessness, wanted to increase their reach into younger audiences while also recruiting more donors and increasing the donations they received during their winter campaign. Digital was still relatively new to St Mungo’s, so we wanted to test and learn whilst still making sure we hit donor recruitment and income targets. They needed a partner with expertise in effective digital communications who could help them with planning, creative, studio and digital media services.


St Mungo's Case Study

What We Gave Them

We tested two different creative treatments: ‘It Started With…’ and ‘A Dog’s Life’, across multiple digital channels in multiple formats including statics, carousels, and video. We also tested single ‘cash asks’ against regular giving. Through our analysis we learned that potential supporters react better when dogs are in the imagery, so we focused our creative on themes that we knew would have the biggest impact. We continually optimised the campaign in flight, measuring response and re-allocating budget against different channels and audiences to maximise conversion to donation.


St Mungo's Case Study

What was the impact

The campaign is generating exciting levels of income and providing an impressive ROI. We are evaluating the results for our client as the campaign develops. Facebook and Instagram ads out-pulled the previous year’s activity – a testament to the new hard-hitting creative approach, and previously untried channels like twitter opened up access to new audiences. We gained valuable insight for future campaigns including which creative, donation type and channel worked best with each audience, which will enable us to generate even better ROI for our client in the future.


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