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Augmented Reality

Make AR work for you

AR technology is evolving. Did you know the global AR/VR market is going to expand up to $150 billion by 2020? And, the augmented reality has got the lion's share of the market at 80% or $120 billion.*

Businesses can no longer afford to sit out the AR revolution. And Paragon Customer Communications can help you reap its benefits.

  • Make customer experiences richer by providing augmented digital content that meets the needs of the customer at each stage of the customer journey
  • Increase sales and build customer loyalty by interacting with prospects and customers using content tailored to the environment, context and user
  • Reduce call time by empowering your customers to access and update their information quickly and independently
  • Differentiate your business from the competition, make your brand more attractive and upscale


Paragon AR solutions to meet your needs

Paragon AR solutions help you reach and engage your customers faster. You can give customers unique experiences, promote special offers, and encourage self-service.

Paragon AR for innovative marketing. Traditional media is a one-way conversation. Expand your reach and satisfy customers on the go with AR enhanced catalogues, flyers, brochures, business cards, posters, print ads that include videos, 3D animations, extra information, targeted experiences and customer engagement. Your customers can learn about new offers, locate your nearest office and contact you for help or more information.

Paragon AR for customer self-service. Communicate succinctly and informatively with your customers by taking complex messages and bringing them to life with an augmented overlay and call to action. With Paragon AR, you can link an augmented reality marker on your printed statement directly to your mobile website. Your customers can scan to visualise their statement information on computer generated images on their mobile as a real-time view or using a personalised one to one video that talks direct to your customer.

Paragon AR for training and education. Drive faster learning curves by giving your employees and customers the latest, most accurate information available in context, whenever and wherever they need it most. With Paragon AR, your customers and employees can move beyond paper manuals and watching videos to interacting with the tools and technologies they'll use on the job.

Paragon AR for events and trade shows. Bring your traditional business cards to life with augmented reality. Make it easier for you to stand out at business events and trade shows –personalising contact in a more engaging and enriched way and letting people get in touch with a single click, whether through email, LinkedIn or by phone call.

*Sources: (IDCWorldwide Semiannual Augmented and Virtual Reality Spending Guide. (Digi-Capital) Augmented/Virtual Reality to hit $150 billion disrupting mobile by 2020.


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