Paragon Fulfilment

Deploy a robust, efficient and secure multi-channel fulfilment solution to capture, process and fulfil customer requests for business items and literature quickly and securely

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Paragon Fulfilment is a comprehensive online solution that offers customisation for varying business workflows, business rules and processes. It’s secure, easy to navigate and quick to implement incorporating your business requirements.

We have deep experience of providing data-driven customer communications solutions to the Financial Services industry, and in particular the Asset Management sector. As such, we have blended our experience in customer communications with the requirements of the Asset Management domain – agility, accurate and timely delivery of investment literature to your customers.

Key Features

  • Provide a choice of channels to your end customers
  • Save time and hassle through an intuitive screen workflow
  • Instantly access your order history and status
  • Secure and scalable with full control over user base
  • MI Reporting across online, phone and email channels
  • Integrate with other communication services from us

Your Benefits:

  • Multi-channel fulfilment solution integrating website, email and telephone enquiries
  • Set up your organisation or Contact Centre workflow with bespoke business rules
  • Fulfil using Pick and Pack, Print-on-Demand or both for popular and occasional items
  • ISO 27001 certified security management processes with your data encrypted by default, at every point  
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